into the wild

(mariela izurieta)

today i went to esther’s summer-home in maischwitz to celebrate her daughter-in-law’s surprise birthday party. it was so great. it’s beautiful there and dusty and green. rural and full of eukalyptus forests and streams and pampas-esque. it was a cottage-like house built by her parents and they had a small swimming pool we crowded around in. stray pups and little kids roamed around and they were so happy and i was too. i spent the entire day there eating and rinking and basking in the sunshine. everyone was so welcoming and relaxed. home-made empanadas from every guest, cakes of all sorts (esther had made an apple cake with walnuty crust and merengue top!). and we made margaritas and told stories and the sky was so blue. and then me and esther went on this long walk through the dusty roads and fields together and i thought ‘wow’. that’s the way to sum it up. (christian f)

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