flan porfavor

people are cooler naked http://www.zhfoto.com/gallery.html?folio=Portfolio&gallery=NUDE%20PORTRAITS. zach hyman. at la cigale there was this really great euphoria experimental trancy electronic band but before them there was an indie buenos aires band and i had a crush on the drummer you know i always do. and then we went to a gay bar and there were flashing lights. miru kim’s got a new project where she takes nude self portraits in abandoned buildings around the world:

i like portenos. i went to the demonstration in commemoration of los desaparecidos and the 35 years since the dictatorship; a reminder and a protest that we will not let it happen again. there was such a vibrating political fervor and drums, flags. there were more than 30,000 people in la plaza de mayo. there were 30,000 people who were abducted and killed in the military dictatorship here from 1976-83.

i went to a blind play written by roberto arlt: la isla desierta. it was really impactful. it was in complete, terrifying, awe-inducing utter darkness and the actors are blind too. i felt so blessed to be able to experience such a performance: i felt everything, i heard everything, could smell everything described. the play took me to the streets of bustling shanghai, the rainforests and lagoons of madagascar. all my senses (sans sight, obviously) were completely heightened.

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