happy easter, eat challah

(emilie clark) i was feeling melancholic and like i wanted to be wandering in oxford or something but yesterday was a great day and it made it all better. because it involved listening to tupac and i sat on the handlebars of the bike while grant did the pedaling in caballito and i got my bottom bruised because of all the cobble stones in that area (i love working class neighborhoods)! i stopped to eat a pastry that had honey and raisins and was better than any cinnamon bun i’ve had. the sun set and we stumbled upon a street called ‘calle olaya’. imagine that! (gregory crewsdon)
at night sadye, sam and i went to an insane gypsy festival concert, babel orkesta, at konex. it was a shitshow of gypsy music/swing music/alternative/a million trombones and trumpets/drum banging and tango. the performers were wearing silly costumes and there was lots of jumping and flailing about in circles and yelling and doing pirouettes. then we ate empanadas and passed out in a cab. more to come  (new obsession: denis darzacq who has an incredible take on the ‘jumping’ photo. he uses dancers and break dancers to form wonderful photos)

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