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May 31, 2011

bsas is such a cultured city, more than any other one i know. so many events, activities. but it’s true if you try to cross the street on a pedestrian crossing the cabbie will honk at you, roll down the window and yell at you for trying whereas in most other cities if the car tries to turn while you’re crossing, you are the one that hits the car and yells at the driver’s indecency. here, you actually feel guilty after trying to cross the street and ‘cutting off’ a speeding taxicab that’s going through a red light.


but like i was saying, they got culture here and they know how to use it. the locals shouldn’t be distracted looking to europe and the USA, they should keep their head on straight and look at what’s around them; they have set priorities grounded on social tranquility and chilling out and eating well, slowly sipping coffees and family. not as obsessed with owning things it seems.



May 30, 2011

we went yesterday and saw lots of folkloric gaucho things and i ate the best juiciest garliciest meatiest choripan i’ve ever had ever

la pride:keizo kitajima

i miss smoked salmon

May 28, 2011

joseph mills. great. i want van morrisonits not gonna make sense to go back to california. part of human nature is not understanding that life goes on even when you’re missing. people will still walk their dogs in parque las heras, girls in heels will still trip on the messy rocky buenos aires sidewalks, and youth will still close their eyes as they dance in bars in san telmo.(bruce gilden)funky town

milanesa de soja

May 25, 2011

hipsters exist in chile too (thanks matt for introducing me to great song) (portland i took it)

empanas de pollo son las mejores

May 22, 2011

(zulema maza. this is drawn with ink) yesterday i explored boedo and chacabuco and caballito and i love those neighborhoods. ordered a submarino at a cafe. steamed frothy hot whole milk and a chocolate bar which you then stir/melt in to your hot milk and it becomes a chocolate milk.

(magdalena murua)

had a conversation about the extreme disparity between rich and poor in the world. lebron james spent $171,000 in one night in a club in las vegas. $171,000. on alcohol. i’ll let that set in and add a picture of villa 31, easily 5 miles from where i am typing this:


May 19, 2011

newly found colored photographs from the great depression:pbr when it wasn’t something you drank on your fire escapeno matter how long i look at this picture, i can’t register what it was like to be part of this family. i look at their blonde bowls of hair, colored print dresses.(RM. flying nymphs, i like to call it)

fue lindo

May 16, 2011

i ordered a cafe con leche. it came with a small glass of sparkling water, i looked inside and felt like the effervescence of the  bubbles clinging to the sidesnan golden.i’m not one for piano-lamenting-love-ballads but this girl is blowing my mind. she’s ageless. does that make sense? she just doesn’t seem like a real person, but in a cool way

“quiero ser fresca y rara, como la granada”!

(cyril arappof) i’m olaya, am i like jambalaya? with spicy sausage and tender chicken and plump shrimp!

reading maya angelou now and i love her

i crush on banjo players

May 15, 2011

also, i can only be in love for 3 days in a row and then its done. vice, vice, vice.this is from the pin-hole camera in lujan robert holden and naked, earthy freedom (tori showed me right?)

good intentions

May 12, 2011

angela boatwright, i still love you: i like this song (ryan matthew smith, egg 450 degrees)

“I want to work in revelations, not just spin silly tales for money. I want to fish as deep down as possible into my own subconscious in the belief that once that far down, everyone will understand because they are the same that far down.”
— Jack Kerouacpalermo esta vivo all you need is 2 beers to change an anecdote into a story. IS THE AVANT-GARDE DEAD?(Hengki-Koentjoro)

May 8, 2011

recorded this as i started getting desensitized fumio watanabe