bsas is such a cultured city, more than any other one i know. so many events, activities. but it’s true if you try to cross the street on a pedestrian crossing the cabbie will honk at you, roll down the window and yell at you for trying whereas in most other cities if the car tries to turn while you’re crossing, you are the one that hits the car and yells at the driver’s indecency. here, you actually feel guilty after trying to cross the street and ‘cutting off’ a speeding taxicab that’s going through a red light.


but like i was saying, they got culture here and they know how to use it. the locals shouldn’t be distracted looking to europe and the USA, they should keep their head on straight and look at what’s around them; they have set priorities grounded on social tranquility and chilling out and eating well, slowly sipping coffees and family. not as obsessed with owning things it seems.

One Response to “bobobotanical”

  1. Rhoen Says:

    they got culture and they know how to use it! haha, i love it! and its so true. I’m going to miss the utilized culture, but man do i agree about looking forward to mexican/non-argentine food 😀

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