so far so good

northern france: montreuil, st. omer, st. touqet, etc-
moules & frites,
the french beaches that have beach houses from the 1800s that sort of remind me of newport beach but colored yellow and blues like in san francisco,
cobble stoned streets where victor hugo strolled and now i do,
chevre on everything, pate on everything,
beautiful white cows are lazy in the sunny fields,
cafe noisette
(literally little hazelnut!) is my favorite coffee drink. essentially an espresso machiatto
belgium: bruges, ghent, brussels-
bruges is full of canals and flatness and preserved windmills, so clean and so many cyclists and so many good looking blond men.
ghent reminds me of oxford. old beautiful college town, flowers everywhere.
brussels is more diverse and more african and asian immigrants which is refreshing after seeing only white people for so long. it is THE place for fashion and design. so many people humbly stroll around with avant-garde, stylish, simple, geometric and complementary outfits.

now i’m going to antwerp. also, the apricots are so yummy.

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