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dia de santiago

July 24, 2011

I sit in my aisle seat and attentively watch the stewardesses kneel down and scutter around, going about their duties.
I read an article over winter break about the frequent and scandalous sexual affairs flight attendants have amongst themselves (how social statuses are earned and established by number of one-night-stands in Hiltons/Best Westerns with the  burly-if not chubby- singular male flight attendant, co-pilot if you’re lucky, and pilot if you are the best-paid, young, and firm-assed newbie. The younger and hotter you are, the better everything is for you). The essay was indeed memorable.
After reading that essay I inevitably interpret the stewardesses’ giggles, eye contact, and shoulder brushes with their co-workers as competition, futile attempts at seduction, and clues towards the intensity of their flirtationships.
Stewardess with tight ponytail and dirty-dog-brown highlights, clumpy mascara, and stunning blue eyes announces over the intercom that We’re In Good Hands With Pilot Jay McAlister On This Transcontinental Flight To London. I see her white teeth and gums gleaming and she even twirls a tagliatteni of her ironed-flat hair. While she goes on to recite her name and those of her companions, I imagine her knocking on Pilot Jay McAlister’s hotel door at the Radisson near Heathrow Terminal 5 thirteen hours later and coyly stepping into his suite, pouncing on the bed, running her fingers through his red hair (because his surname is McAlister, he is a ginger), and proceeding to the etc. etc.
She, being an American, probably will bask in the glory of being able to recount to her friends back in Arizona State that she slept with a really cute Irish pilot with a really cute accent (!).
After said stewardess hung up the curly-wired-phone-intercom, she and Highly Praised Asian Stewardess (who gives an intended global and liberal flair to the airline) walk down the aisle to assure that our-seatbelts-are-fastened-and-our-tray-tables-and-seats-are-in-their-locked-and-upright-positions. Their perky smiles and wide eyes remind me of those small dogs that always look like they’re smiling helplessly just because of the shape of their nose and jaw line and a sliver of tongue that hangs out; one cannot help but think that a smiling flat-nosed bulldog is as dumb as a slab of wood for smiling like that all the time (even when he/she is sleeping).
The stewardess kindly suggests I put my seat back up to its original 80 degree angle. I do it. She smiles, I smile back and watch her secure the overhead compartments and swing her hips to and fro.

finally got some sun yesterday. chillin with my 12 year old cuz, marta, a bright and tall girl.


jjjuly 15

July 16, 2011

what would you ask for for your last meal? i think i would have to include gazpacho, i just love it with all those chilled veggies. also spanish empanada is great: layers of filo pastry and onion, roasted red peppers, juicy tuna!a light in me is flickering and fading because i no longer make so much eye contact with strangers


July 10, 2011

luxo was a lot like paris jr. but more business-y. and more black, pointy castle spires. it was very pretty.(american suburb)

germany was so beautiful and i drank a lot of riesling on the moselle river with my dad. the german people i encountered were rather portly and cheerful, round cheeks; they reminded me of cinnabons. ok but that was just a couple of the people who stood out to me i guess.(pedro matos)

ok lastly i know this an unnecessary rant but i find myself more and more disgusted by the media’s portrayal of women. it is fostering this repugnant almost-considered-inherent-and-natural-quality of women to hate their bodies. it’s so sad. i love being around people who aren’t even conscious of their bodies, who radiate this aura of at peace. and not being satisfied with yourself means you won’t be comfortable.

BONVIVANT new favorite word to say 

i am in galicia now and the strong accents shock me after buenos aires twang.

cous cous with kiwi and grapefruit!

July 3, 2011

it was actually a real good salad. so guess what? UTRECHT is my new favorite city. well, close up with leiden (university city, many narrow cobble-stoned streets, boutiques and curiosity “anteek” stores with stuffed boar’s heads and zebras and chipped tea cup sets…),  and brussels. and brugge. and amsterdam was pretty great come to think of it: i expected the smell of shisha and smoke to be more potent but it wasn’t. amsterdam besides having lovely canals has lovely north african women strolling around with elaborate head-wraps, hoards of cyclists coming from every direction, and beautiful floating house-boats.

utrecht is just plain lovely. it is an undiscovered gem; literally no tourists, just charming locals, an intimate setting with narrow buildings and an extensive cafe repertoire (they’re really into modern coffee paraphernalia…odd, multi-colored cups, metal, ceramic, etc. containers to hold ristrettos and cappuccinos), used books and record stores.  utrecht aims to be the cultural capital of europe by 2018. i can say i saw it all before it became the famous art hub! (andy alcala). i went to the van gogh museum and learned more about him and his brother, theo miffy & friendzzzz