cous cous with kiwi and grapefruit!

it was actually a real good salad. so guess what? UTRECHT is my new favorite city. well, close up with leiden (university city, many narrow cobble-stoned streets, boutiques and curiosity “anteek” stores with stuffed boar’s heads and zebras and chipped tea cup sets…),  and brussels. and brugge. and amsterdam was pretty great come to think of it: i expected the smell of shisha and smoke to be more potent but it wasn’t. amsterdam besides having lovely canals has lovely north african women strolling around with elaborate head-wraps, hoards of cyclists coming from every direction, and beautiful floating house-boats.

utrecht is just plain lovely. it is an undiscovered gem; literally no tourists, just charming locals, an intimate setting with narrow buildings and an extensive cafe repertoire (they’re really into modern coffee paraphernalia…odd, multi-colored cups, metal, ceramic, etc. containers to hold ristrettos and cappuccinos), used books and record stores.  utrecht aims to be the cultural capital of europe by 2018. i can say i saw it all before it became the famous art hub! (andy alcala). i went to the van gogh museum and learned more about him and his brother, theo miffy & friendzzzz

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