luxo was a lot like paris jr. but more business-y. and more black, pointy castle spires. it was very pretty.(american suburb)

germany was so beautiful and i drank a lot of riesling on the moselle river with my dad. the german people i encountered were rather portly and cheerful, round cheeks; they reminded me of cinnabons. ok but that was just a couple of the people who stood out to me i guess.(pedro matos)

ok lastly i know this an unnecessary rant but i find myself more and more disgusted by the media’s portrayal of women. it is fostering this repugnant almost-considered-inherent-and-natural-quality of women to hate their bodies. it’s so sad. i love being around people who aren’t even conscious of their bodies, who radiate this aura of at peace. and not being satisfied with yourself means you won’t be comfortable.

BONVIVANT new favorite word to say 

i am in galicia now and the strong accents shock me after buenos aires twang.

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