back in the states

the little boxes of green and electric yellow, those thousands of windows anonymous. but today, they are eyes, quite comfortingly looking down on me. glinting guardings observing me stroll along the east village, lower east side, sometimes they even watch me from across the river when i stumble around brooklyn.
as those window-eyes look down on me, i look up at them. and it serves as a sort of mutual-i-got-your-back type thing. my existence, seemingly so minimal amongst the hoardes of thousands of pedestrians in this island, suddenly is confirmed when a stranger recognizes me amongst the ants (just one amongst the snakey suits of wall street/ the bulimic micey models/the bean bag jelly bean men /the new yorkers). they gaze down from their building’s eyes (their studio apartment terrace/ bathroom window as they take a post-coital piss/ fire escape as they light up a cigarette) and for a split second, i exist.
and the people behind the illuminated windows, cubes of routine and stacked lazy eyelids, become souls aswell when i look up at them from the street sidewalk and realize that there are people alive and breathing up there. there’s a proclamation of love on the 7th floor of that rickity building in little italy. a first date catastrophe when the tomato soup spills on her white ibiza dress in that not-so-shabby apartment complex in gramercy. on the corner of ave a and 11th st, 3rd floor walk up, a college student decides to send a break-up text to girlfriend because he’s gay and he’s known it forever and he wants to stop lieing. and on 200th st a big brother shows off to his girlfriend the seductive dance moves that run a marathon through his dominican veins.
do you understand? you are looking out for me and i am looking out for you. you give me the treat of witnessing decisive moments in your life, and in turn, you can look at me with your thousands of blinking eyes and watch me walk.

One Response to “back in the states”

  1. notjust12steps Says:

    joey-freedom, all of this, yummy. but what about those street level folks?

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