viva el pueblo. viva la solidaridad. viva el cuestionamiento. viva que somos seres pensantes.

that’s what i learned last night at the calle 13 concert. sadye and i were two of the only non ‘latinamericans’. i quote that because maybe the latin american experience is an imaginary construct. ok i might be going too sociologist there but besides the point, this concert made me question my identity and think about brotherhood in a way i never have in my life.
what really provoked all this was a comment this guy made next to me while i was dancing. i didn’t think about it at the time, but have spent all day today reflecting on it. he asked me “what was” i. he was mexican. not knowing which was a worse answer ‘american’ or ‘spanish’ (not only do i not like the anxiety that categorization instills, but i don’t think loyalty to one place means betrayal for another. i’m not defined/limited solely by my nationality), i said ‘espanola’. he looked at me with a condescending scowl. belittling.
i don’t represent imperialism and colonization!
what does this mean. who is ENTITLED to sing along to calle 13? what does it even mean to be more entitled than someone else. what right does he, or anyone, have to deny someone the joy, or the solidarity or pursuit to further understand the struggle of the working class or el pueblo. calle’s message isn’t only pertinent to latin americans, i think their claim is that we are thinking beings and we should use our voices and thoughts, question authority. this is what i live by too. i live by el pueblo too.

it was by far one of the best concerts i’ve ever been to. their music is charged with so much sociopolitical angst as well as humor and sarcasm and playfulness; extremely talented and animated artists. and i had wonderful and boisterous puerto rican women dancing with me the whole night.  not to mention residente was gorgeous and more passionate then any musician i’ve ever seen. in between songs he gave small speeches..almost like preaching and sermons on respect for women, latin american unity, furthering education, tolerance for all sexual orientations, etc. remarkable.also on saturday night i worked the nyc food film fest with jenny. we served grapefruit maple daiquiris to the VIP and there were go go dancers in octopus costumes. i was brave and tried the pig’s head pate. culinary discoveries, gotta be open minded!let’s not divide us VS them.

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