for jiyoon

i don’t know what it’s like but i hope i can help you be strong enough to smile degas for jenny.manet for jenny.modigliani for jenny. jenny asked “who’s the person who changed everything?” at first i though oh roald dahl. but actually the person who changed everything for me was this 23 year old ditzy brunette waitress working the evening shift a cold december night at a bistro in oxford. when my dad asked what dessert she would recommend, she absent mindedly read the first one on the menu. the waitress was distracted because her boyfriend had cheated on her the night before, she was so worried about it. anyways, so she read out the first on the list “uh, the chocolate souffle”. easily convinced, my mom and dad decided to share it. little did the naive waitress know, this dessert was full of chocolaty aphrodisiac powers, which resulted in passionate and impulsive sex following dinner once my mom and dad got home that night. and that sperm and that egg became me.
and if they had  ordered the apple crumble or the poached pear instead or if henry hadn’t gotten so drunk and slept with veronica and thus cheated on brunette waitress, my parents wouldn’t have arrived at home with such desperate feelings of doing it.
it would’ve been some other sperm and egg another day that would become me. and everything would be so, so different.

so it’s the waitress. or wait, maybe henry or that promiscuous veronica.

One Response to “for jiyoon”

  1. Rosie Says:

    wow, and what beauty

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