at the end of the day i love being flat chested. that way i can put a mask on the back of my head and they cant tell which side is front-psych!

the stars were aligned on tuesday in an insane, insane way. a fate day. i breakfasted the most delicious wheaty grainy bread from vermont with some delicious berry home-made jame from vermont too. it was sunny. the gouda tomato sandwich i made exceeded all expectations. i ran into the jordan i had a deep crush on two years ago and hadn’t seen him since, and who will probably read this. i found so much change throughout the day on the ground. i met the singer of we are scientists on the street, and that was my favorite band as a high school freshman. all these pasts meeting the present. and then i had some great soup for dinner at b&h and touched a boy’s cheek!

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