ya es diciembre!

beth you introduce me to the best stuff, i’d be nothing w/out you

anita dada: (most of her stuff is boring but this one is nice)the weekend was good because  on friday 1. i made the rutabaga with the onions and the mustard greens, (we signed up for a csa food share so we get 10 lbs of new york state veggies and fruit once a week.  unbelievable goodness gracious kiwis/spinach/yams/bartlett pears/i digress) 2. annabelle and abe brought tilapia from the egyptian place across the street 3. we ate it all with some white wine and then played the ukulele and went to a party with consultants and business bros and didn’t belong but we felt ecstatic, anyways.(steven shames)

and this morning was nice because annabelle and ramsey and i made toast with poached eggs on top with melted cheese on top with homemade tomato-pepper-onion-cilantro salsa on top with avocado on top, in the oven and then we ate it.

more shames, no shame:

a poem i write right now:

tomato bisque soup?
will there be bisque?
will there be biscuits for my cheese?
will there be green grapes to go with my cheese?
a slice of tart apple, crisp and sharp?
a sip of some juice, of apple juice?
no grapefruit, that’s better?
i just want a cup of coffee.

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