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“purple beacon…

January 31, 2012

Image“purple beacon”. another ryan mcginoozle.

“The greatest blessing granted to mankind come by way of madness, which is a divine gift.” 
― SocratesImageand this is stephen gill who scans flowers on top of his photos .

i am ensuring my youth is not wasted on me



January 28, 2012

favorite song right now 

leonard freed!

classes started and i love it! and i inaugurated our blender! and metalsmithing is harder than i thought! and i’m gonna be a kickboxer!

here is my poem

some things worth celebrating:
-aretha franklin singing real loud
-when i puncture the poached egg
and the toast below is a crispy crusty abode
-when we sleep in a tent
in a redwood park
making a fire out of uncle tom’s twig cabin
-“being bored is the one unforgivable sin”
and also
-“the sky is omnipresent,
even in the darkness under your skin”
-we can drive to savannah, georgia,
listen to those AWs and AYs
nestled in a drippy maple syrup diner
-if we get back home late
and my tummy says more
we can put a chocolate chip cookie in the microwave
it’ll get so melty we can dip
a fingertip
and draw chocolate warpaint on our cheecks
ready for battle!
-at the end
we can stargaze in santa barbara,
close to a coast
frogs croak and stars shoot and under the water
fishes are going blub-blub.
alas, so much to celebrate.
erik refnermario testino

excuse my absence

January 14, 2012

le audrey being uncharacteristically belgian. (frank horvat)

my absence is due to my 15+ days in spain. in madrid i made the most of the 1 euro beers and bocadillos. in galicia and asturias the marzipan and almond-nut-honey sweets that come with january holidays, seafood with a crunchy shell and soft succulence inside, cheese both moldy and not, and being on the ocean front.  i had forgotten how much i love the spanish expression “es la leche!” translated as “it’s the milk!”, meaning rather “it’s the shit!”. just another one of those spanish eccentricities.

just ordered a yogurtmaker from amazon! (leonard freed time)

read three irish novels over break: roddy doyle and nick hornby-so, so good- and now working on paul murray.