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February 20, 2012

so in love with maira kalman!!


what i learned last night

February 17, 2012

geekdom is hot; smart and geeky is the new rock and roll.(jhengstrom)

what i need is a man who is kind. in life, i need people who are kind. that’s it.

also, i’m young and my life and outlook is tight and shiny and slick and has a SNAP to it like new york city hot dog skin, SNAP.

haiku shmaiku

February 15, 2012

my favorite haikus from basho/buson/issa for now

peonies scattering
two or three petals
lie on one another

the owner of the field
goes to see how his scarecrow is
and comes back.

the squid seller’s call
mingles with the voice
of the cuckoo.

the jars of octopus-
brief dreams
under the summer moon.

clear water-
a tiny crab
crawling up my leg.

it is poetry that exposes the absurdity of reality, in all its satisfying simplicity and honesty. that is what i yearn for as a writer.

new year’s day
everything in blossom
i feel about average.

the world of dew
is the world of dew.
and yet, and yet.

writing shit
about the new snow
isn’t art.

 also ps this girl is about to blow up:

February 12, 2012

jacko! annabelle an di are in our band now and we need help deciding on the name. the three options are the moms, the bagel bitse (bytes?), or kim impossible

there is no absolute truth

February 8, 2012

(joyce bryant) real men cook with high-grade olive oil. and they eat the beets but also the beet leaves in beet salad with walnuts and special dijon-garlic-sugar dressing i make.frank horvat.

lo fi ramblings my mum


February 5, 2012

i was standing in the subway and ALL BUT 3 people in the stuffed L train were holding an ipod/iphone/nook/kindle/ipad and had earbuds in! nobody was looking at eachother! everyone was engulfed! this is one rapid techno-revolution. let’s be socialites again. but…sans a touchscreen. 

one of my fave scenes from les amours imaginaires


February 3, 2012
(sabrina scott). a perfect marriage, yes?
here is my imitation of Wallace Stevens’ “Study of Two Pears”
Study of Two Asparagus
Compendium octavo
The asparagus are not dragon nails,
phalanges or young barnacles
They resemble nothing else.
They are green forms
Composed of palid strings
Thin and eloquent,
They are touched yellow and lavender
They are not round surfaces
Having elongated outlines
They are angular
Pointed tips on top
In the way they are modeled
They have soft scale spikes
Growing upwards
Squirmy indented leaves
The green glows
It glows with various greens,
Golds, greys, and earthens.
Flowering over the skin
The shapes of the asparagus
Are brush strokes on my plate
The asparagus are not seen
As the observer wills.
my center square!