life is lunacy bro

 (alexey orlvoy) central park pedicab

my name is james
i drive a central park pettycab
i am from guyana
$89 for an hour
up to three people
wish i could charge more
if you are fat

this here is poet’s walk
Chris columbus
crisco lumbus
Sir walter scott
the water spot
Fitz-green halleck
fits green hammock

you ask me
mister when was this built
and i say
ay-teen ay-tee-ay
it’s old

the couple say
oh james what is that
a mocking starling swallow
a tulip borealis
the chinese choke
cherry oak
a hawk eating a pigeon

finally i go home and play cards
with tomas and ignacio
and bea makes me
mofongo con bistec
and i kiss her with wet lips
like when we met
in central park
and i make love
to her

i love matisse’s nudes

yo hotchip blow your nose, your boogies are dripping. but i love this song (matthias franke)

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