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i’m on top of the world again

May 31, 2012

sizzly korean bbq and griffith park and big big mansions in northern hollywood and a frozen creek in mt baldy golden yellow cherries at me. whiskey with meyer lemons, a dozen tangerines a day, and two dives into the pacific, pelicans watching me with approval over head. jamie lee curtis is so hot in a fish called wanda!



May 22, 2012

 yesterday it rained so so so hard i walked around with a giant black trash bag over my body like a dress. just tomorrow i’ll be back in california, with tangerines and lemons at each one of my fingertips.(chris steele perkins)marc riboud 

May 16, 2012

rockaway beach with smoked salmon and decaying horseshoe crabs and guacamole and fluttering migratory birds overhead. and bushwick locals with pudge and volleyballs and snowcones and yelling so loud ‘JAIIMMITTOOOOOOO’. and some quinoa noodles with home made pesto courtesy of sam cookie.(ernst haas)(william steig)(jillgreenberg)from the new yorker prohibition photo slideshowi’ve been drinking into silliness


May 11, 2012

had the most delicious beer today called : loose cannon. warm doughy hispanic youth replacing doorbells with their voicesand a great brunch: two poached eggs, warm pita and tabouli and hummusliushuwai

i pity the fooooooohoool

May 7, 2012

this is SO GOODshuweiweistephanie terao


May 5, 2012

but i feel brimming more borthwick. i literally listen to this song daily new mcginley. animal inspired!  two short poems

:press my index
in an anemone
i get a french kiss back

i squat and pee
on the side of the road
amongst daffodils and periwinkles
i feel more alive

(mary ellen mark, who i was delighted to meet on thursday) here’s more of her stuff jack nicholson, candice bergen, and art funkelfunkel.

three more:

i ate bamboo shoots
with my dad,
smiled, and
pretended i was a panda

when you laughed
you spewed toast crumbs
on my cheeks
like freckles

soft plantain
is sweet
so like your tongueliu shuwei capturing how i wish i dressed

May 2, 2012

stefanipappas.  i feel so much lighter now that i met youmatissemore mike geno.

in connecticut it was effervescent green glow haze and smokey wood fire ham and motorcycle breeze and pensive cows and air so clean even when we canoe against wind