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October 27, 2012

the art of maciek jasik:i feel liek this animal the majority of the time: my highs, my lows, my floaty times, my stagnant times, my flying times my swimming times my fat and skinny and bloated and emotional and throbbing heart times!

“When the bishop farted we were amused to hear about it. Should the ploughboy find treasure we must be told. But when the ploughboy farts… er… keep it to yourself.” -kingsley amis


October 25, 2012

(andreas schimanski). it may not be timeless, but i love parks and rec.(henry wessel). 5 cups of tea a day. sesame tea, barley tea, korean corn tea, yerba mate tea, chamomile tea, black chachacha tea.(wang yuan ling). going to chengdu for new years, and mexico df for thanksgiving. the student life, keep it coming.THE HOLIDAYS ARE HERE EVEN THOUGH HALLOWEEN HASN’T HAPPENED YET


October 21, 2012

with brussel sprouts and cured meet. scallops with pistachio and charred carrots. autumn! we carved a pumpkin and roasted the seeds, we went to vermont to see his holiness, we ate eggs from the coup and made leek soup from the garden’s yield.we stopped at a roadside truck stop because we had eaten so much cauliflower and hummus and we needed coffee.this is once we were in vermontsophie blackall. i like her and her kids

October 10, 2012

driving up to vermont to see the dalai lama this weekend! !! fernando botero, obvio. i like to think this is central park, joseph sterling

toot and puddle

October 7, 2012

sixpoint beer, and wanting to be on an island. spent a good time in the new york city public library, big lions, old books. great songmarc riboudjoseph sterling this is visceral sensuality in all its grace. the great, stefani pappas, here i recognize a futile feeling all humans feel.lewis hine


tootles for now