with brussel sprouts and cured meet. scallops with pistachio and charred carrots. autumn! we carved a pumpkin and roasted the seeds, we went to vermont to see his holiness, we ate eggs from the coup and made leek soup from the garden’s yield.we stopped at a roadside truck stop because we had eaten so much cauliflower and hummus and we needed coffee.this is once we were in vermontsophie blackall. i like her and her kids

2 Responses to “pizza!”

  1. Aaron Marks Says:

    olaya these photos are great! which town in vermont were you in? my family has a house in fairlee (which is a fairly small town), it is my favorite state

    • olayabarr Says:

      aaron! thanks. i was in leicester, close to middlebury. my roommate’s family has a farm there. i LOVE IT THERE. it is so, so beautiful. hot apple cider donuts, wet leaves, barking dogs and frosty grass blades. what a paradise. im really learning to love new england. i worked this whole summer in new hampshire!

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