saaaandy baby

 this is up the road from our house in galicia.

in other news: survived the sandy. it was fun in the dark drinking red wine by candle light but then got annoying when there was no water or power or internet or cell service. how reliant are we on internet for our news? very, but soon lower manhattan relied on word-of-mouth as the lines for public phones pushed blocks. i escaped to westchester county: the home of a german shepard, sam’s family, and tagines full of apple and raisins, eggplant, carrots. breakfast porridge with blueberries and walnuts. big cozy norweighan sweaters, walks in the frost, g&ts every night. it was heavenly.

back to the city and life will resume.

(arthur grace)

After the English lawyer Daines Barrington examined the 8-year-old Mozart in 1764, he wrote: “He had a thorough knowledge of the fundamental principles of composition. He was also a great master of modulation, and his transitions from one key to another were excessively natural and judicious.” Yet, Mozart was also clearly a child. “Whilst he was playing to me, a favorite cat came in, upon which he immediately left his harpsichord, nor could we bring him back for a considerable time. He would also sometimes run about the room with a stick between his legs by way of horse.”  (from the ny times on prodigies. )(lucien clergue)


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