the list

the list of things i like as of november 5, 2012:
the weekly forecast
soft boiled eggs (the idea of, i rarely actually eat them)
sam’s beard and his moles and my moles
HIMALAYAN SEA SALT! ooooh how fancy
agave on greek yogurt
beans. farting is good for you.
pie crust. always have, always will.
alphabet letters in soup
sage on popcorn
the wind outside
pumpkin goo in my fingers, squish squish
mate: 3 cups a morn min.
mulled wine: hot spicy cinnamon german winter glow wine. the opposite of sangria, but with the same perks.
mortar and pestle
the fold you make with the comforter that you tuck  your bare feet in
edgar keret, george orwell, anthologies
my first burrito!
stones vs. rocks
steady movement
when the dalai lama laughed at 9.30 in the morning in vermont and there was frost outside and we suddenly felt awake and with tears in our eyes
remembering climbing trees but not feeling compelled to do it now

the list of the things i don’t like (today:
knowing the mouse is in the apartment, somewhere.
this knot under my left shoulder
arrogance (coffee server, travel agent in chinatown, arrogant…crab baby. arrogant anything)
when the kids ask who my favorite pop star is and when they sing so loud every pop song
but then again, they also tell me about the tenement buildings and about the architect who designed central park. so, it’s a balance of good and bad, but with the balance overwhelmingly tilted towards good

2 Responses to “the list”

  1. Aaron Marks Says:

    i liked this post a lot, the first half felt like a poem because of the last two lines in contrast with the first ~20

    also you just found out about burritos?!?!

  2. notjust12steps Says:

    Have you sojourned in Utrecht? Pie crust is indelible.

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