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December 19, 2012

listening to brooklyn band darlings ( i recommend.Image(ben giles innards)ImageImageon days of euphoria like in days of frustration, i feel like the wrath of god. also, like an empress on good days


December 15, 2012

Image(dylan johnston). i like your body when your feeding me things you made and i love it when your eyes close right as mine openImage(grace robertson)Image(ryan pfluger)Image the andrew bird concert was awesome; it was at the tippy-tallest cathedral in the united states. the moldy cheese and the red wine at the spanish department party was great too. i was around very smart academics and a couple drunk spaniards, pink shirts showing their nipples and glistens of sweat on their neck. those spaniards always show up

December 8, 2012

i had a dream last night, while my boyfriend was asleep

that my back right molar was wiggly and fell out

and i could suck it in and out like when i was little and a milk tooth was loose.

but when i looked in the mirror,

to see the gaping hole,

i saw roots stick out

and the roots were white christmas lights, shining bright and illuminating.

abigail heyman(abigail heyman photo). mexico df was great. i ate grasshopers, dipped ’em in guacamole. i ate off the street thick massy doughy tortillas. i met my inspiration and when i got back to nyc, i had tummy problems.