thesis is over

thesis over, which leaves a strange gaping hole in me. unsure how to fill it, i have turned to checkhov’s short stories. this saturday it hit 60 degrees which meant a euphoric vitamin d trance jittering through my body as i walked alongside the central park reservoir. but now, it’s 34 degrees again.Imagedo you believe in acupuncture? i’m getting used to it. on easter sunday i went to new jersey and enjoyed an array of brown foods on a cloudy day with a wonderful americana family, that is what easter is for. Image

in my hometown in claremont, there’s a bakery called somecrust that, at one stage, i would go to about twice a week. and i often would rotate the pastries i’d order. different times in my life, different months or attitudes, called for a different pastry to more accurately express who  i was and my character. double mocha chocolate cookie was a popular one for a time. lemon danish: simple, tart, a little prudish. rasberry pinwheel, always a delight. reminded me of my rosie-cheeked friends and being so hot in california septembers, you sweat under your knees as much as under your arms. at one time in my mid-pubescence i was a solely white-chocolate-macademia-nut cookie girl. i think of that girl who wore more eye make up and wore a push up bra (and i had an even flatter chest then than i have now) and she would be ‘like, totally’ disgraced at the infrequency in which i attend somecrust. today, at think coffee, i wasn’t sure if i wanted a gluten-free blueberry muffin or if i wanted a zucchini loaf. it sounds like such a fucking joke choosing between such things. i ordered my earl grey tea and just put tons of milk and sugar syrup in it and left, wishing i had an apple-cheese danish and embarrassed that i still think of who i am in relation to the sweets i order .Image

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