new york, a good weekend

i had a really amazing weekend. especially because of saturday. i got to spend the whole day with two of my most important people. we started by eating big plump sour pickles at the farmer’s market, they tasted almost effervescent in the noonday sun and cold wind and with softball players pitching nearby. we walked to williamsburg’s smorgasburg and ate vietnamese food and brownies on the grass and watched all the babies (plump too, but not like pickles..more like…chinatown sweet buns) and the water glistening. we somehow made it to the roof of the wythe hotel and our bursting and giggling group sipped on bloody marys and we got day-buzzed off sun stroke and the hint of summer coming up from behind the antarctic front that has been making my knuckles bleed the past 6 months. 


we roamed and roamed with no place to hide, and hours later we came back to my apartment and had a siesta with hubhub. Image( henri toulouse lautrec)Image(viviane sassen)

today a walk through chinatown to buy a mango and spring onion, bokchoy and strawberries. next week will be a week in californiaImage


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