i’ll be sitting when the evening comes

 probably the best cover of a song that was made boring because i heard it so much on k-earth-1-0-1-oldies-radio in my mom’s jetta.

i am yearning, i told zoe, yearning!! in the east village i sit in tompkins and get to watch all the people and dogs and great danes walk by, slobber threading down, which is very fun. but i want to watch alfonso el pescador, y ofelia, la mujer que vende cerdos y grelos, walk by. i am yearning for spain because that is where my heart beats better.

Image(feli punch)Image

Image(john d batten).

One Response to “i’ll be sitting when the evening comes”

  1. rnirnber Says:

    Hey Olaya I miss you….
    I’ve been trying to blog too lately.


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