back in town

ABB047the plane coming towards us.010_7A
One of my keenest memories in Spain (where, I guess i was merely a week ago) was in the town fair of Celeiro. There was a boy who’s been haunting me since. He was on the ride called Break Dance: smiling with his arms up in glee while strobe lights flashed purple on his face. Meanwhile teenage groups speckled and drank Kas Limon with vodka, the girls in short blue or red skirts leaning behind the ride and smoking their mom’s cigarettes. The teen boys had gelled flecks gliding off their necks (pointing at the girls they were too nervous to talk to). The Banda Panama played cumbias, old couples slow danced, the young dared to grind. The little boy on Break Dance had beautiful brown eyes twirling in every direction, so excited and so pure. He didn’t look at anyone or anything in particular; just looking at it all and wanting it all around him.
gabrielorozco (gabriel orozco)philip (philip lorca dicorcia)

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