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si me quieres

October 20, 2013

i love this song. it’s fulfilling to me.

Imagepumpkin ale season. “my boyfriend’s in a metal band”Image(filipo minelli)Imagei know inside me i have a powerful mexican god full of conviction. i think right now it’s the between the talkative and lazy red one, or the bugged-out on-a-mission brown one.


October 17, 2013

i feel like turkish delight: nutty and gummy and crusty. the kids i babysit draw moles on my face and ask me why i don’t have a unibrow; i love them just the



wangfuchun (wangfuchun, train pictures)jl-barber

October 13, 2013

Image(grant harder).Imagei’m trying to dress better while only wearing four interchangeable itemsImage¬†overcoming loneliness with corn on the cob and succulent plants.¬†


October 6, 2013


moved to clinton hill. now i have a room with a view of trees and the stars at night. i have two succulents and two tropical plants. i have a purple bike and i drink cappuccinos and i don’t have internet in my apartment. i live close to a nigerian restaurant where all the men drink guinness and a brunch spot where all the girls have freckles and special earrings and braids in their hair. on the cusp of gentrification. but aiming to be appreciative, inquisitive, and critical.

(lee friedlander)
i’m writing stories inspired by when i was 9-12. those years, i’ll only return to them through my own fiction.
pistachios and papaya. learning to overcome loneliness these transitional days.