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my pet fish finn

November 24, 2013

it’s getting cold, it’s snowing in the sun.
banyai cover: BANYAI_2002_Spring_Is_in_the_Air_New_Yorker_cover

justinthomas(justin thomas leonard)
i have costa rica on my mind. two weeks or a month?davidalanharvey

davidalanha these are david alan harvey. i love those skins. robert madden natlgeo robert madden (nat geo)


fast car!

November 17, 2013

working on some haikus…experimenting with translating ’em: 1993_10_04_Sorel_Centaur

I witness the scenes // Veo escenas
I feel the duty to write// Me obligan escribir
These are things I feel:// Esto lo siento:

I dream I am gold // Un sueño mio
And my teeth are gold nuggets // Estoy hecha de oro
Perhaps I feel rich // Quizás soy rica

My one blue-eyed boy // Ojos azules
Says his beard grows too quickly// Dice su barba crece
No explanation // Sin explicación

Under the city // Bajo la ciudad
A labyrinth for people // Laberinto de gente
Or, for worms and rats // O, gusanitos

The mole on her neck // Lunar sobre piel
Looks like a Belgian truffle // Como la trufa Belga
Raised, soft and bitter // Suave, amarga

The bustle of streets // Calle movida
A fat snow-crusted pretzel // Bollo con nieve dulce
Drops towards the ground // Abandonado

I speak with grandma // Con la abuela
Only speaks of the sunshine // Solo menciona el sol
And maybe the cat // También su gato

At Coney Island // Una gaviota
The seagull squawks and dances // Me canta y me baila
It wants my pink cake // Busca mi pastel

I am observer // Observadora
This is the way I enjoy // Es mi forma de gozar
A reason to be // Mi razón de ser

gaborkerekes (gabor kerekes) going to california in week giveortake:tumblr_mtm0ekZOnM1qgjplzo1_500

bryanschutmaat (bryan schutmaat)

November 12, 2013

rip lou reed, and this song is amazing.mallsacrossamerica galinsky(michael galinsky)
Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 10.19.30 PM one of my favorite google street views i found, on mexican border. here’s another in gazaScreen Shot 2013-11-11 at 8.02.09 PM

totally feeling november

November 6, 2013

Image(maryblair)The night before, he had butchered a freshly shot alligator with a Bowie knife by the headlights of a pickup truck, sawing off the arms while Jeremy Charles, a chef from Newfoundland, cut out the tongue. For dinner, he had deftly trimmed and then grilled a deer’s heart, lovingly cutting it into thin, tender slices. 

(from i have such a talented friend. i present to you, whose work is reaching new soaring levels: beth town: tumblr_mvtfbjRmio1qckyywo1_1280

 in other news, paul danopaul-dano-3-735803

girl rox

November 4, 2013

i just saw 12 years a slave and am perpetually trembling.
watched the sunset over the east river (Speaking of: a friend of a friend fell in the east river last weekend, had to shower at 4am at our place).Image(ping zhu)

also, touch of sin, by the way, was incredible.Image(bobby scheidemann)Imagemary blair