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December 22, 2013

sallymann(sally mann) johngossage (john gossage) i realize that winter weather makes me more frustrated and anxious. california, you ingrained something in me i cannot remove. i wouldn’t change a thing, though, because on a day like yesterday -the shortest day of the year, in the low 60’s and with soft and glorious sunshine- i felt so full and complete and biked all of prospect park. i felt like a prince with a bejeweled crown. and, if it wasn’t so typically cold in the new york winters, then the few days of absurd pleasant weather wouldn’t be so bright and meaningful.hiroshige (hiroshige)
alas, a gem amongst grey is more special then consecutive flecks of gold …



December 15, 2013

maansi jain (maansi jain, love it!)Unpeeling500pxhomasroma (thomoas roma) andddddd james whitlow delano: Pom-poms and pony tails lit by fluorescents, Tokyo, Japan.


Buddhist monk in Shinjuku Station, Tokyo, Japan.


December 10, 2013

the deepest feelings always shows themselves in silence
omissions are not accidents
-marianne moore. i feel this in my own sensitive life, in fiction, and in photos.
(thanks jiyoon)ron jude (ron jude)dianasherer diana sherer.


December 8, 2013

vivian sassen: viviane sassen

last night after the showcase annabelle and sam and i went to easily the strangest subterranean korean restaurant; blue and red lights flashed and everyone around us ate fried chicken wings while we picked at an enormous coral-colored kimchi pancake. photos by nguan (singapore)nguan
(coney island)
nguan singapore
totally into this man’s portraits these days, mark peckmezian:markpeckmesian

i’m not gonna lie

December 4, 2013

i felt sentimental on the airplane back to new york. i cried during take off, probably because i was sitting in the window seat. i always want the aisle -easy access to the toilet, and i feel less trapped and less forced to look outside and see my littleness, my melodramatic antness staring out of plexiglass.
california was glorious. light brown and blue: the colors of chaparral and hill skies. my friends looked more beautiful than i remember, my dad’s asian shrimp and asian tea and asian peppercorn numbing my tongue was more delicious than i remember, the air smelled better, and my grandma remembered less.philip lorca dicorcia (philip lorca dicorcia)