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green tea

January 18, 2014

and artichoke tea.

andrewmoore (andrew moore)
happy birthday ben franklinroxanelumeret (roxane lumeret)yumiku utsu (yumiku utsu)


January 16, 2014

e85c6d129734277b8fccacbbd9cc68dba7035927-700how much do you rely on the internet for stimulation?
how much do you rely on miso paste to create savory?
how much do you rely on honey to soothe your throat?
how much do you rely on your hair do to feel attractive?
how much do you wonder about what crows are thinking?jacobelhanani (jacob el hanani. met him and his really smart son)

we roadtripped

January 1, 2014

there we saw the ocean that is lake champlain, the edges burnt frozen with ice fishers. giant bulging snowy trees on the adirondacks, beers and slippery walks in the catskills, montreal was too cold, vermont had the perfect amount of sun.
allison ginsberg(allison ginsberg)annaelenabalbusso (anna and elena balbusso)
it was the best christmas i’ve had.
i didn’t stay up on new year’s eve but i woke up to hear the countdown being yelled from the streets.
there were frozen trees all around, a warm car with talk radio, a boy’s hand, memories of bowling, ping pong, and purple berry porridge.
bertienvanmanen2(bertien van manen)
and now i miss the road