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February 23, 2014

williamnicholson (william nicholson) i love this song. last week of february and it’s actually warm out! i saw a dead rat on my way to the laundromat that must have been preserved in the snow for weeks. now it is finally decomposing. i can open up my windows and the breeze comes in (it doesn’t smell of rat, it smells of…dirt, sun, squash) while i steam asparagus and i’ve come across some great found photographs. i treasure them and will either make a collage or start writing about all the characters in them. image not sure who took this picture but i love it.
i made pumpkin seed milk and i put green tea and honey it.
steneklund (stene klund)
i watched the harikrishnas dancing in union square and instead of thinking, boy, they’re deluded, i just thought of the goodness of upcoming spring.
dannamingha (dan namingha)


February 17, 2014

good to listen to while i read

other news, the glaciers are growing on brooklyn streets.andrew gallix (andrew gallix) vs. ronald hammaga (ronald hammaga)
february has been fabulous. lots of feezles and clonch nights, whippie mornings and doppie midnights.
miki mochizuka (miki mochizuka)
puerto rico on my mind. i love translating too! tumblr_myky8cglHb1qzzsdjo2_r1_1280