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April 30, 2014

aiweiai-weiwei-june-1994-1994what does the human writer aim to do?
catalogue/track/witness the “soul” in action?matisse
to surface the unexpected? to make us feel good about who we are or bad about who we’ve become? to ask the reader to reconsider?
VW Clifas
to say something we all know and haven’t articulated. to scare us and make us feel whimsy N_124 my spanish family, long before i was born


april is drawing to a close, too quickly

April 27, 2014

du yang4
went to go see the strangers touching show at aperture, enjoyed it. i want to go to the natural history museum. i want to take a ferry.du yang du yangbenjamin schmuck

april fools day returns

April 1, 2014

okhai-ojeikere-8 okhai ojeikere. i went to see the barnes collection in philadelphia and that man really was a kooky one. i loved how the forks and guillotines and masks complimented the picasso doodles.leon devos (leon devos)

danielheidkamp (daniel heidkamp)

i won’t throw away my panda sweater