ode to childhood

oh, how i love talking to old friends. childhood friends that you used to hold hands with, as you fell asleep, those ones. i love recognizing mannerisms that you remember from infancy. children and grown-ups are so, so similar! we all mature and evolve, but our fingers still move the same way as we gesticulate and hold a glass.

rinkokawauchi(rinko kawauchi)
jean bouchaud (jean bouchaud)
i carried a stranger’s baby up the three floors of a salvation army and it felt so warm and nice to hold this little girl, calm and fine as her mother struggled to fold the stroller.
this is one of my favorite photographs, taken by paz errazuriz. it’s part of her series “el infarto del alma” (the heart attack of the soul), where she took portraits of couples that formed in a mental institution (or, sanatorium? why haven’t we come up with a better term). it’s a really striking set of work:http://www.pazerrazuriz.cl/obra_infarto.php

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