a new favorite song
in oxford now. aspall cider @ the red lion, and the bulky brawny men i usually find so off-putting have charmed me. their cheeks are shaded the red of speckled bacon back, and they are unembarrassed by their toothy gritty grey smiles. they laugh big belly laughs and talk about the world cup.
we went to the christ church meadows and at 10pm it’s still light out and tumblr_n77837B9vg1qz6f9yo5_500
not to sound cliché, but the light is really something else here. probably because it reflects off all the berry bushes and reeds and pollen settling in the air and as the night falls the light decides to settle into a daze, a reluctant forfeit to nighttime. 000021
there is a hot tap and a cold tap in every bathroom, loo, here and you have to choose between burning your hands or getting them freezing. is this how everything feels sometimes?
well, i have to stop writing. my mom wants to show me her collection of “funny hats” because we each have to pick one to go a formal dinner tonight. the british, my british

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