it’s okay to say cabrón here

and chingón, which sounds dirty to me.

I bought an avocado from a market woman half my height and 5 times my age and I didn’t have enough pesitos. It’s okay, take it, but come back with what you owe me. I went home and ate the avocado and felt lazy and greedy and didn’t go back. I instantly got the worst stomach ache and rolled around like a worm on my bed while my computer crashed. It didn’t turn on until I returned the 2 pesitos to her today. Don’t fuck with the locals!
rius (flatulence in g minor, drawn by rius)
I’ve been snacking on pan dulce so I’m getting that glow of tan and rotund.
I turned a corner on a cobbled street and all of a sudden there was a parade with trumpets and trombones and women spinning with enormous skirts and baskets with flowers in their hair! What a sight! iI was a delight to watch all the little toddlers run around. Celebrations are universal! It started to rain and the women span with more fervor and the kids shrieked in delight. A hallucination that reminded me of every town’s local parties.

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