mirando el fút

barbara crane-105 (barbara crane) imagebrandt 2 (matthew brandt) Watching boys play soccer is always enough to make me reconsider living in New York. The swiftness, the way these men can scale up walls and tumble and shout and quick, quick, quick! The sun is setting, so pink, how typical, how utterly gorgeous. And the church bells ring and the teams shake hands and they send the young ones to go fetch four liters of Coke and they come back with styrofoam cups too, they remembered. Peanuts? Amado bought a couple bags and now all there is to do is lean against the limestone wall and gulp and breathe and, good game, good game. What a good game it was to watch. I desired them all because of the way the blue and yellow and orange lights flickered in the mountains and that nighttime view reminded me of every place I’ve ever loved, on the coast and in the mountains.aurel schmidt melon nip (aurel schmidt)ren hang (ren hang) ate a lot of taquitos today, and salty peanuts. feeling a positive melancoly

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