buenos días

i think the best way to sum up my goodbye to this place is with banana pineapple songs.

there’s so many pictures i want to share with you but i have to pace myself. two mornings ago there was a 6.4 earthquake and i crawled on the ground and covered my head and all the dogs on roofs were barking. i went outside and there were other people in their underwear, too. i thought of kids in gaza and couldn’t fall back asleep. stephanie gonot (stephanie gonot)

Kuba-Ryniewicz-04 (kuba ryniewicz)
last night there were dancers from chihuahua in the plaza and it was so odd to see cowboy boots and hats and full skirts after so many weeks of tropical embroidered garb. but i liked the way they kicked their heels -yeehaw!
nadinecordial-08 (nadine cordial)

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