happy holiday

the complexity and sadness of this song doesn’t represent the simple ecstasy i felt this birthday weekend. but you have to watch it any how because you want to know more about what it’s like to be a human because sometimes you forget: it was a very good birthday. we saw huge families in beaches speaking turkish and creole and barbecuing and chasing and falling in the ocean water for the first time. we jumped in a lake -cowabunga! i went- and then in the sea a couple times, too, in beaches with grey, still water. we saw cormorants and cranes and we looked up at the forest, there was a full moon. we stumbled through towns with boardwalk promenades and we cheered, to me. the waitress brought me a piece of cake and i blew the candle and nobody looked, which was great. just the two of us! but we couldn’t finish the cheesecake. i enjoyed watching others eat raw oysters. alessandrasanguinetti (alessandra sanguinetti) and the motel was one i think humbert humbert took lolita too, it had an algae pool and barking dogs and “hotel california” was playing from a next door room in the lazy sunset light. the pair of men at reception reminded me of the hunchback of notre dam. if you mixed the short one with the wide face and piglet nose with the man with googly eyes and a shrill nasal voice, it would have been the hunchback. we went to an aquarium and silently watched the sharks above us, the jellyfish in front of us, and the seals below us. a lorikeet squirted his poop on me. we left sand and grapefruit peels all over the rental car.franceso hayez (franceso hayez)

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