herge herge, ofcourse! carolstiler(carol stiler)

You said you were a baby at FoodTown, a baby at Burger King, a baby at Lincoln Cinemas. I was a baby at the beach primarily, in Spain, and I was a little kid there too, eating big crusty sandwiches with nutella or oily chorizo inside. I was also a baby in bar-cafes with linoleum tabletops and wooden bars. There were also cigarette machines with the cowboy Marlboro man and abuelitos drinking agua ardiente in their cortados. My roommate was a baby next to cows and a baby licked by dogs. I probably have a friend or two who were babies in tropical places. I want to meet a person who was a baby under a coconut tree and ate fresh pineapple with his or her first teeth.c867422205b5c5b9a2a45504aadc7352-large

how much can you carry?bertienvanmanen03 (bertien van manen)

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