don’t ask me why, but i just had a bowl of tofu for breakfast. cucurrucucu, no llores.Philip Guston-  Tuscan City   (1971) (philip guston, tuscan city)nguan singapore (nguan in singapore) in Brighton Beach we drank some Belgian Leffe on the shore. Two girls in matching lime-green T-shirts approached us, each with a white dove in their hands: “Two Dollars For a Picture,” they recited. “Where did you get such beautiful birds?” we asked, and they didn’t speak English back. A rotund lady with a loafy bust hollered from behind us, in a thick Russian accent: “They are white birds from India! They come from India, poor white birds!” The two girls in green walked away and asked some other unsuspecting Shoebies if they wanted to take pictures with the birds. We saw women in swimming caps and men in Speedos, a truly European beach. The sun began to set.lee friedlander (lee friedlander)

somebody help me, i’m in constant need of eye drops

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