carissagallo03 (carissa gallo)

i remember eating mochi in the backseat, on the way back from dumpling city (arcadia). i used to only get the mango kind (chunky mango inside, chilled stretchy goo on the outside, coconut shreds to coat it all), but as i grew, i began to order one of each, adventurous. green tea, strawberry, black sesame. the most delicious turned out to be the black sesame. it was mysterious, too. i could not recognize one element in the black sesame mochi, but i remember it weas sweet, cool, buttery, and chewy. turned my teeth black. (wasn’t that beautiful in ancient japan?) i closed off everything around me except for that texture, surrounding me. an earthy, powdery womb. dark and soft sesame paste until the car drove into our garage and i wasn’t alone anymore.

Ivan Kramskoy (ivan kramskoy)

at the arms and armor court at the met i realize i could really, really, get into weaponry…from japanese swords and battle masks to medieval horse armor and spanish muskets. cowboy guns, too. my jaw drops when i enter the arms and armor court. to be in battle, to feel invincible in silver and steel and iron.

Maurizio-Di-Iorio_11 (maurizio di iorio)

in mexico i ate a lot of peanuts. i’d buy a little baggie like a drug baggie but inside there’s fried peanuts with chilli flakes and garlic cloves and lots and lots of salt. i needed that snack to remind me of my prior life as a whale where gallons and gallons of salt water was my lemonade.

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