karelappel (karel lappel)
will you still need me, will you still feed me when i’m 64?
gabrielle münter (garbielle munter)
but what i care about now is you needing me and feeding me now
viviannesassen (vivianne sassen)
what will you feed me when we hear the crackle pop (something from the cereal box should be in there) of the fire and the bats overhead -no those aren’t bats, that is just a blue jay, lost in the night, scared, flying away from his problems, his nuts, his squirrels, his lovers, his lakeside view, his city shit, in search of an old lady’s bird feeder because he’s just too tired, too fed up to go looking for those walnuty gnats–
put a marshmallow in your mouth and stop trying to be a poet, you say. so you feed me a marshmallow, numb with sweetness and soft and gooey, you got the job done and i left mute.

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