some excerpts from the prose of the trans-siberian, written by blaise cendrars. i’ve cut it up my own way, a butchering of sorts. (c) Manchester City Galleries; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

— Comets fall —
And a man and a woman, no matter how young, enjoy making love.

The sky is like the torn tent of a rundown circus in a little fishing village
In Flanders
The sun like a smoking lamp
And way up on the trapeze a woman does a crescent moon
The clarinet the trumpet a shrill flute a beat-up drum
And here is my cradle
My cradle

maya goded (maya goded)

Come to the lost islands of the Pacific!
Names like Phoenix, the Marquesas
Borneo and Java
And Celebes shaped like a cat

We can’t go to Japan
Come to Mexico!
Tulip trees flourish on the high plateaus
Clinging vines hang down like hair from the sun
It’s as if the brushes and palette of a painter
Had used colors stunning as gongs–
Rousseau was there
It dazzled him forever
It’s a great bird country
The bird of paradise the lyre bird
The toucan the mockingbird
And the hummingbird nests in the heart of the black lily
We’ll love each other in the majestic ruins of an Aztec temple
You’ll be my idol
Splashed with color childish slightly ugly and really weird
Oh come!

If you want we’ll take a plane and fly over the land of the thousand lakes
The nights there are outrageously long
The sound of the engine will scare our prehistoric ancestors
I’ll land
And build a hangar out of mammoth fossils
The primitive fire will rekindle our poor love
And we’ll settle down like ordinary folks near the pole
Oh come!

Little dove my love
Little cookie-nookie

franz bischoff (franz bischoff)

And my memories
The train thunders into the roundhouse
The train rolls along
A gramophone blurts out a tinny Bohemian march
And the world, like the hands of the clock in the Jewish section of
Prague, turns wildly backwards.

ltvs-matthewbrandt-4 (matthew brandt)

With my eyes closed I can smell what country I’m in
And I can hear what kind of train is going by
danielheadkamp (daniel headkamp)

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