monikamerva-05 (monika merva) love everything about this photo, especially the nose, the bread and the red flowers.Leo Gestel  (leo gestel)

“Don’t gangs of coyotes live in California?” Wiley and Roadrunner, beep! beep!

“I think there are more packs of gangs than gangs of coyotes. They’re as loud as the coyotes at night, driving around.” Howling people and howling dogs arguing, trying to take up as much auditory space as possible. Coyote suckling from a mama coyote. Baby boy suckling from mama gang member. Romulus and Remus.

I wished we could be coyotes roaming free. Coyotes find rabbits and cats and small puppies in suburbs and yum yum, that’s all they worry about. Coyotes might be cowardly wolves, but they’re not naïve about it. They know they’re naïve, they like naive.

fred huening(fred huening)

Inside the swimming pool was a child with her mother. Water drops like glass shards. The child was holding on to the breasts of her mother, had to be the mother, as if they were flotation devices. Breasts and bottoms make women better floaters, make women flotation devices.

new sam bay and i like it

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