watched this movie on sunday and i truly loved it. i felt such pangs of nostalgia that moved beyond just california and high school. nostalgia lingering on the fact that revisiting the past is always an exercise in fiction. and that we grow old. old news.The Red Madras Headdres the red madras headdress by matisse. i had a good met go over the weekend too, walking around central park and everyone looked lost in this cold. chins burrowed deep in scarves, lips chapped. i saw the much-too-small show of thomas struth photographs. here’s one:West-Broadway-New-York-1978struth west broadway in 1978. his photos of soho back then are extraordinary. vacant lots and corner men who look like boulders, recoiling.donna j wandonna j wan photographs the view from bridges where people jump off to end their lives. not trying to be morbid here. how do you react when someone tells you his or her favorite poet is shel silverstein? i some how prefer the squiggly illustrations of madeleinemadeline_2

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