a stint in my hometown

On Mount Baldy we walk a Spaniel with googly eyes and a fat mutt. Bark bark bark bark bark bark bark. Tall cactus watch over us, wondering if the Bougenvelia will ever loose its pink pink flowers.

edward steed Karl Schmidt-Rottluff1 (Karl Schmidt-Rottluff)

Christmas sugar lights. A vast sky, palm trees, and horizons on every side. I’m so used to a skyline and the presence of others, the ability to at any given moment peek into a window across the street, to a higher floor and see someone cooking, dressing, kissing. Here, you look out the window and you just see black and a faraway glow of a sprawling city. Here, you drive by the UFC training gym and the blinking red eyes of electric towers, Don Quixote, half a moon, Coyote packs.Antonio Sicurezza (Antonio Sicurezza)

And for breakfast I eat the bread my dad makes, sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. I eat a persimmon too. Fuyu.

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