Cuno Amiet2 (cuno amiet)

to buy the christmas tree, we went to a place called stew leonard’s, which was a very new place for me. it was a maze of produce but i was distracted by all the animatronic chiquita banana and cows telling us what to buy. they had a lot of soppressata sausages, a lot of cottage cheese, a lot of peppermint bark. we crammed the tree into the back of the VW bus and ate clementines on the way home. every time we watch football sam explains to me how the sport works while i notice that all the players have thighs like horse’s, and their bodies jiggle like flan.

Alba Yruela (alba yruela)
i remember the white stripes were the first band that made me want to play a cd over and over on my discman while kicking “spikey seed balls” down my hometown block, feeling like what was in my head was the world. i think of those preteen days fondly now, but realistically, i think i was so full of hormones colliding that i wasn’t capable of much contemplating. ivansigal03 (ivan sigal)
tuesday haikus:
saw a dog today
very ugly face it had
floppy lips, no drool

christmas ornament
hangs from my infected plant
lemon meringue pie

.Alice Bailly - 1907 (alice bailly)

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