tumblr_ni1ycon4C91qd1iyxo1_500 this painting encapsulates suburbia at the best of times.

the kids call me “ms. o” and boy-o-boy does it feel nice. children are ruthless with their imagination. these kids write stories about countries battling over nachos, narrated by chocolate chip cookies.

the yucca trees on the mountain looked like they’ve been drawn by a dinosour: scraggly and gold, from an alien imagination. it’s not new york here and i know because the sky goes from grey to blue to white, blinding, turquoise, lavender, plumes of cotton, tissue pink, blue, dark, darker, light again, dark, navy. and the mountains then become black cut-outs against a light-polluted sky.Hilding Linnqvist  (hilding linnqvist) the tangerines on the tree are yet sour but it’s fun to pluck them off and feel the water droplets from the night dew rain down on my arms and face.stefanipappas (stefani pappas)

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