oscar night

puerto rico was a great place. is


i was awed by this city today.
it reached 44 degrees in central park.
we held each other and saw people with snow shoes
and dogs that looked like people
and people that looked like dogs
all the dogs wanted to be petted
and all the children were beautiful in their colorful, puffy snow-pants.
we walked up the highest hill
and a man with an australian hat lent us his donut-sled,
down, down we went
like grasshoppers, or ladybirds
or kids, kids on sleds.
all the couples were kissing and all the trees were dripping
off the ice that’s caked their limbs for weeks. it was a perfect day

ben mostyn (ben mostyn)

and here are some pictures taken by tom blachford in you know wheretom-blachford-midnight-modern-3tom blachford

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